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De-Ja Juice is bottled by VAPOLOCITY in El Paso, Texas.

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  • Banana Whama

    An excellent De-Ja Juice dessert gourmet flavor comparable to a homemade banana cream pie!!! This is a superb blend of vanilla custards and bananas with an undertone of the graham cracker crust from a real homemade...

  • Cherry Eis

    Eis is the Italian word for Ice Cream. This is a cherry version of the European favorite! The cherry commands the attention of your taste buds as the subtle undertones of Ice Cream make your cheeks and tongue water. Try it!...

  • Choco Cherry

    Chocolate on the outside, and a wonderful combination of cherries and cream on the inside.

  • Choco Covered Strawberries

    At the fests in Germany, like Oktoberfest, vendors sell various chocolate covered fruits. They made their chocolate from scratch and would cover just about any fruit you could imagine! These chocolate covered strawberries...

  • Chocolate Cupcake

    If we had a vapor bake off, this chocolate cupcake would be awarded the blue ribbon! Hands down one of the best chocolate cupacake flavors out there! Sweet in all the right places.

  • Cinna Ma Bun

    A delicious warm right out of the oven cinnamon bun with a delightful cream cheese icing that you can't get enough of!

  • Mama's Cake

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  • Napple

    Tones of apple with a tad bit of exciting fruit flavors! Go on try it!

  • Strawberry Cupcake

    For those who don't want a plain vanilla cupcake, this strawberry kick is just what you need!

  • Bun-Bun

    Straight out of the oven and frosted for excellence. One of the best cinnamon bun flavors on the market!

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