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De-Ja Juice is bottled by VAPOLOCITY in El Paso, Texas.

For wholesale inquiries, please contact us at: sales@dejajuice.com

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  • Aqua Ball

    This watermelon blend tastes like the seedless watermelons from the store. If you're looking for the watermelon with the seeds, Krazy Melon is the flavor for you! Either way, both flavors are excellent watermelon blends that...

  • Buckaroo

    This Asian berry also known as Sea Buckthorn, is quite tart. Kind of like a sour orange tasting flavor with hints of mango then smashed into a juice with some rich pineapple. A very citrusy blend.

  • Cucu Cachoo

    No need to go to the spa when you have CuCu Cachoo. The crisp clean flavor of cucumbers with a sweet tone to match.

  • Krazy Melon

    A summer watermelon juice that will! make you want to pack up your picnic basket and head to the park!

  • Melon Ball

    Sweet, Juicy flavor of Cantaloupe in Delicious lickable vape in yo mouth!

  • Pumpin' Pumpkin

    This pumps up your taste buds with sweet and yummy pumpkin tones!

  • Sweet Melon

    Just like the juicy honeydew you remember as a kid! The aromatic tones of melon and sweet honey flavors you'll never forget!

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