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De-Ja Juice is bottled by VAPOLOCITY in El Paso, Texas.

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  • Ahh Real Cherry

    Ahhhh, you've found the perfect cherry flavor! Congratulations! This cherry blend is one of the best cherry e-juice blends that is sold. This is a very popular selection. It tastes exactly like a real cherry!

  • Berry Flare

    A mixture of various berries sure to excite your sense!!! It took awhile getting the different combinations just right. But we nailed it! You are sure to love what we came up with if you like different dark berries.

  • Betsy Ross

    A juicy combination of strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. This is a smooth and mellow flavor that you'll never get tired of. Great for an all-day vape!

  • Black Currant

    This New Zealand native berry blend is a balanced berry flavor that has a slight, yet gentle floral taste. It is also a rather acidic fruit giving it a more citrusy taste. 

  • Blueberry

    If you're looking for the rich full taste of a fresh blueberry, then this is the flavor for you! This blueberry blend tastes just as if you picked one from a native North American shrub and threw it into your mouth.

  • Bustin' Berry

    This combination of different black berries will make you wonder just how many different kinds there are in the world! We have no idea, but we found a many as we could (ones that tasted decent of course) and fine tuned them...

  • Cherry Bomb

    One of the sweetest tasting cherry blends that we make. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste like a real cherry. It tastes unlike any other cherry e-juice flavor! 

  • Dyogi Go-Go

    Goji Berry is known for it's healthy features. Most say it's a cross between strawberries, cranberries and raspberry, not necessarily sweet. Although a flavor you can appreciate.

  • Elderberry

    An aromatic berry tone, Fills your mouth, room, and nose with a floral tone. So different makes you left wanting another vape!

  • Happy Berry Burst

    An explosion of berries and cherries that are sure to surprise you!!!

  • Insanity

    Yea we would be insane if we didn't offer this flavor! So many flavors in one shot is so good!

  • Luscious Strawberry

    Close to a natural strawberry flavor makes your mouth water.

  • Nirvana

    This flavor puts you in a Nirvana state. The sweet yet bitter tones of fruit put you on cloud 9.

  • Plum Plethora

    A plethora of sweetness and tender flavor! Makes you feel as if your munching on a Plum

  • Pom Pom Blast

    A Pomegranate glee, with the sweet tart tones you miss from the real thing!

  • Rattlesnake

    Why did we call it Rattlesnake you ask? Because we couldn't believe the effects this flavor had on the tongue and palate! So delicious you may not taste anything else ever again!

  • Razzy Razz

    Freshly picked and squeezed just for you in a sense. This make it seem like your pulling raspberries straight off the bush into your mouth!

  • Rejuvenating Acai Berry

    The healing properties of the Acai Berry aren't in this mix! But the flavor is so good it will make you think it does!

  • Scarlet Cherry

    A dark bright fruit flavor. No bitterness or pits in this one! Just a good cherry vape for you to enjoy!

  • Smooth Strizzle

    You know where were going with this. The smooth flavor of Cream and sweet tones of strawberry!

  • Strawlicious

    Sweet as can be makes you want to lick your lips even more. The way it smells like strawberries it tastes the same way. Now that's hard to do.

  • Strizzleberry

    It's the Vapolocity interpretation of strawberry in a bottle!

  • Zany Berry

    This is so close to a blast of berries we would have to say it's ridiculous but we pulled it off! This berry vape makes you wish you bought a bigger bottle.

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