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De-Ja Juice is bottled by VAPOLOCITY in El Paso, Texas.

For wholesale inquiries, please contact us at: sales@dejajuice.com

You can also call: (915)-757-1530

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Grid List
  • Absinthe

    Comparable to the alcoholic beverage and highly resembles the taste of black licorice.  Though the history of wormwood-infused liquor extends back to the days of the Egyptian empire, the credit for what we now know as...

  • Bulls Wings

    This energy drink flavor will be sure to send you soaring through the air.

  • Cherry Cola

    If you like the taste of Wild Cherry Colas, then try this blend! We got this one exactly right! It will make you think you are drinking a cherry coke insted of vaping!

  • Cola

    America's favorite pop in one mix. The sweet satisfying flavor of Cola, to refresh on a summer's day.

  • Gorilla Milk

    Just like a popular beverage! This flavor will give you the desire to continue to enjoy it everyday of the week.

  • Horchata

    A cinnamon, vanilla rice drink you have to try to appreciate!!

  • MD Peppa

    It's like a million flavors in one! One of America's favorite beverages slam dunked in a Vape!

  • Pretty In Pink

    Just like the excellent drink in your favorite hangout spot! But placed in a vape for your enjoyment!

  • Punch Explosion

    We took many kinds of different tropical fruits and threw them into a bottle to make a flavor so fresh you will think you are drinking actual fruit punch! This flavor is perfect for an all day vape.

  • Raspberry Lemonade

    Like an old summer time classic! Raspberry Lemonade has been around for decades. So why not give it a try and tame those fiesty taste buds!

  • Raspberry Limeade

    Similar to the lemonade but now with Lime!!! Raspberry Limeade packs a sweet and tart punch to tame the wildest cravings for this particular flavor!

  • Rootbeer

    America's good old rootbeer! Without the fizz but it's oh so good! Right from a diner!

  • Sour Face

    This flavor is going to make you pucker up. Remember when you ate your first lemon. Yep this is right about that feeling.

  • Strawberry Lemonade

    Tartness of Lemonade with a sweet strawberry hint added! This is a lip lickable flavor!

  • Tequila Lime

    Tequila Lime, you put the lime in the tequila and wash it all down right? Okay maybe we have it wrong. But this smooth tequila flavor, with Lime tones makes this a party in your mouth.

  • Tequila Sunrise

    An adult beverage delight! The sweet orange tones and refershing tequila like flavor make this a hard days work worth the wait!

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